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  • Who are the members of PAB?
    PAB is a unique and exclusive program designed for senior women executive from across sectors, entrepreneurs, corporate women, political leaders and all other women leaders who bring in strong academic background and experience and have the potential to make an impact on not only their professional lives but also on the larger eco-system.
  • How will my Board help me reach my goals?
    In today’s world, a Personal Advisory Board can be crucial to your personal and professional growth. Your personal sounding board will give you access to diverse and enriching experiences and the board will not only hold you accountable for your goals but also cheer, support and inspire you, all in a safe closed space. These experiences and support mechanism can become monumental in helping you succeed.
  • What are the key benefits of joining?
    This program will help you strengthen your network, accelerate your career and lead with a lasting impact. As you engage with your personal advisory board, you will get fresh perspectives, build stronger networks and emerge as an empowered and enlightened person and leader. Get a personal sounding board Get a personal sounding board to share experiences, seek advice, and reach your goals in a supportive and safe environment Get direct feedback and strategic advice on your skills, methods and your personal brand Accelerate your growth Discover and address your blind spots Get insights on your growth and career challenges from other stellar women leaders Coach and get coached by your board who will not only cheer and support, but will also inspire you. Expand your personal and professional network Strengthen your network by collaborating with other accomplished executives from diverse backgrounds. Engage with experts outside your own personal and professional networks.
  • How does the PAB work?
    Your personal advisory board will be formed by matching 5-6 leaders based on your completed profile and preferences. Your advisory group with curated members will be created and the details will be shared with you. It is a 12-month engagement where you virtually meet and interact with your advisory board members once every 2 weeks for 60 minutes. You will meet with your PAB regularly and we will support and guide you in the process. You will also track your goals, your progress and guide each other along. We will also bring in experienced leaders to help you reach your goals and accelerate your growth.
  • What will be expected from me?
    Your commitment is what will make you and your board successful. Your participation, listening and sharing are key to making your board a success. Your active presence in these sessions are critical to their success. At the end you will be able to grow as much from the program based on the effort you put in and commitment you make.
  • How will I be matched to my board?
    We will be approaching you with a set of questions to understand your professional background, your preferences and your personality mix. Your personal advisory board will be formed by matching 6-7 other power women who come from diverse industry, bring different experiences, and have amazing stories to tell. The sounding board will bring in cognitive diversity and help you addresses some of the unique challenges you experience at your professional level.
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