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You Should Smile More!

“In the business world, barriers to inclusion are barriers to success."

Join Power Women with Angelique Bellmer Krembs, Cie Nicholson, and Katie Lacey who have collectively seen it all, from the bottom rung to the boardroom. They know firsthand how hard it is to navigate gendered situations and will share their experience in a way that recognizes the realities of the workplace.

  • Recognizing and effectively responding to micro-moments that are rooted in gender bias

  • The importance of engaging male leaders and male allies in the conversation

  • How to easily advance into positions of leadership and influence

Angelique Bellmer Krembs is the Former Managing Director, of BlackRock, Cie Nicholson is the Former Chief Marketing Officer, of PepsiCo, and Katie Lacey is the former CEO of Crane Stationery.

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Cie Nicholson

Former CMO, PepsiCo. 

Former EVP and CMO, Equinox 

SVP and CMO, Softcard

Angelique Bellmer Krembs.JPG

Angelique Bellmer Krembs

Former MD, BlackRock

Former CMO, News Corp 

Former VP Marketing, PepsiCo. 

Katie Lacey.JPG

Katie Lacey

Former CEO, Crane Stationery

Former VP Marketing, ESPN

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Understand realistic strategies that every woman,
witness, ally, or supervisor, can use to
productively address gendered situations.

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