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We are honoured and proud to offer scholarships to women leaders aspiring to join politics.

India's record of women in politics and governance remains dismal.

-If we were to line up every single woman who has ever been elected to the Lok Sabha, from the beginning of time, we won’t even fill one. There are not 543 women political leaders.

-50% of India’s population are women, 50% of electorate are women. The Indian constitution gives us equal rights to vote and contest. 70 years after a democratic republic, we have only ~14% women in Parliament.

-A UN study for 10 years across 4000+ constituencies has shown that women MLA led constituencies, not just local bodies, have experienced higher economic growth by 15% points and helped raise the GDP of India by 1.8% more per year.

We are excited to announce two full scholarships to support women with political aspirations for our #PersonalAdvisoryBoards program. 

*We do not support any political party or have any political affiliations, we only support equal representation.

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