A Life Changing Experience

The world needs more women leaders, and with our unique and life changing offering we are aiming to impact change at the highest levels of power. The old maxim "it's lonely at the top" is not a mere cliché. For women leaders it can be even more exacerbating as we are fewer at the tables. To make the ride easier, come build your sounding board with us. This program is designed for exceptional women leaders who bring along rich experiences, intellectual curiosity, cognitive flexibility and a strong desire for holistic growth. This sounding board brings in cognitive diversity, accelerates your "rethinking", helps your uncover your blind spots and address some of the unique challenges you face in your growth.Our members are leaders with demanding schedules, and the offering is designed to fit well into these busy calendars.

"This has been a metamorphic experience for me, a truly meaningful program, where personal growth, satisfaction, well-being is given the same attention as career growth and guidance. This peer-to-peer coaching has been very transparent and relatable as we all are going through different phases of our lives and we come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad set of learnings that can be applied and shared to each other’s lives. This is also a way to remain responsible and accountable for your decisions and it's good to track the goals in a systematic matter and be advised well when you come across challenges and set-backs. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to accelerate their personal and professional growth".

Forbes Power Business Woman, Board Member, Stanford MBA

Join Us


Accelerate your growth, build cognitive flexibility and intellectual curiosity, reimagine, rethink, discover your blind spots, and become a true leader.


Join a tribe of kickass, unstoppable women aiming to impact change. We are real queens who fix each others crowns.



Prioritise your health, your well being, your relationships and all that affects your personal and professional growth. Lets look at careers and growth holistically.


Our tribe of women are givers, looking to make a difference. We keep the needle moving by giving back to aspiring women.


Who Should Join?

Our boards are designed for women leaders from across sectors, who bring in strong background and experience and who believe in holistic growth, making a difference and giving back. Our women not only believe in investing in their own growth but also in moving the needle and making a difference for others.



How Much Time is Needed?


Our participants are busy leaders with demanding schedules. Hence the program is designed to fit into their busy schedules. PAB requires a time commitment of ~ 2 hrs/month. This includes mind opening peer to peer coaching and expert sessions. We naturally encourage you to plan some personal time aside to reflect on your development.

What Will You Take Away?

You will join other kick-ass women and engage in a rich learning experience which includes peer-to-peer coaching and expert sessions. As you discover how other successful women navigate challenges you identify your own cognitive blindspots, articulate and overcome challenges, and develop and accelerate your action plan. Our focus remains on holistic growth and giving back.

Your Sounding Board

Your board will give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and network by engaging with experts outside your own personal and professional networks.  Your board will be curated by us by matching 5-6 stellar complimentary leaders based on your personality, profile and experience. 

Peer 2 Peer Coaching

You begin your journey by setting your goals like getting back your health, changing career track, scaling your business, etc. You will attend virtual peer-to-peer coaching sessions which will help you identify blind-spots, articulate and overcome challenges, and accelerate your growth.

Rethink, Reimagine, Grow

Your board will give you access to diverse and enriching experiences. They will not only hold you accountable for your goals but also cheer, support, and inspire you along the way. As you discover how other women navigate challenges you build your own cognitive skills.