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Changing the Face of Leadership

Men are 46% more likely than women to have a sponsor.

Rosalind Chow, associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, recently wrote an HBR piece titled

"Don't Just Mentor Women and People of Colour. Sponsor Them".

We invite you to join our Challenge #OpenThatDoor aimed to highlight the importance of sponsorship in accelerating careers.

Please see below 3 simple steps with which you can join the #OpenThatDoor challenge.

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1. Share Your Story

  • Post a photo of you in early days of your career or at your workplace.

  • Share a story when a sponsor opened a door of opportunities 

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2. Amplify Your Story

Tag us on @PowerWomen using hashtag #OpenThatDoor

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3. Nominate to Build Awareness

Finally, nominate other leaders " share stories on how sponsors made a difference in their lives and careers..."

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