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Power Women Personal Advisory Boards


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Impacting Change At The Highest Levels

Power Women aims to change the leadership dynamics by empowering women leaders to the top and helping them stay there. 

We offer holistic development of stellar women leaders! Our uniquely created boards with awe-inspiring women, paired with personalized sessions with a variety of coaches will help women leaders in your organization upgrade themselves.

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1 in 3 Women Have Considered Leaving The Workforce

How Can Power Women Help?

We are a digital platform for working women helping them thrive in their work-life. Our pioneering virtual model supports working women across different phases, delivering better Growth and Wellbeing outcomes and transforming lives.


What does that mean for your organization?

Many women rise up the ranks but drop off. They are less likely to share their personal challenges with colleagues and feel lonely at the top, which means they’re less likely to get the support they need. This leads to frustration, productivity, and increased employee turnover. This loss of talent can easily be avoided. With the right support and engagement, there is a lesser risk of losing women in leadership and a happier, thriving workforce.


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Our participants have worked across global brands and have the best of academic backgrounds.


"I am usually the only woman at the table when I go into meetings. And that requires a lot of confidence and preparation.

I get that from my board. I have multiple accountability buddies who help me through every step. I highly recommend it."

Senior Director, Corporate



"This Peer-to-Peer Coaching has been very relatable as we all come from diverse backgrounds & have a broad set of learnings that can be applied to each other’s lives."

MD Private Banking, INSEAD MBA



"A metamorphic experience, a truly meaningful program, where personal growth and well-being are given the same attention."

Forbes PowerWoman, Stanford MBA

How does it Work?

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