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Deep Purpose with

Professor Ranjay Gulati

Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies

Professor I Harvard Business School

Tuesday, July 5, 2022  |  Virtual 

6:30 AM PST | 9:30 AM EST | 2:30 PM GMT  |

3:30 PM CET |  5:30 PM GST | 7:00 PM IST | 9:30 PM SGT


Deep Purpose with Professor Ranjay Gulati

"Heart and Soul of High-Performance Companies" 

  • Professor Ranjay Gulati is the Paul R. Lawrence MBA Class of 1942 Professor and the former Unit Head of the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School

  • Professor Gulati has been listed among the top handful of business school scholars whose work is most relevant to management practice by The Economist and Financial Times. 

  • Join us as he shares how a more meaningful and intense engagement with purpose holds the key not just to the well-being of your company, but to humanity’s future.​


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Professor Ranjay Gulati

Professor & Former Unit Head | Harvard Business School

Author | Deep Purpose
Leadership | Strategy | Organisational Growth

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Designed exclusively for global women leaders who believe in making a difference. 

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