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From a corporate career in product development, innovation and marketing in health and tech to an entrepreneur, mentor and women’s champion, our Founder, Simran Kaur is an Ambassador at Girls X Tech, Advisor at Loyal VC and Mentor at Founders Institute. Simran was GCC’s 50 Women Leaders (2016) and was featured in the book, BalanceForBetter supported by the UN. She has an MSc. in Software Engineering from RWTH, Germany and has spent half her career building and leading product development, primarily in the Health-tech space. Simran has an MBA from INSEAD and is the former President of the Alumni Association, UAE. She has worked across corporates and startups in Germany, Singapore and the UAE and taught as guest faculty at prestigious universities. She is a polyglot, is married and has two children.

"When I started out my professional life, I did not think about the ceiling, the pay gap, or topics such as diversity and inclusion. I came into the workforce believing that the playing field was level. I became mindful of many of these topics as my career progressed. As many other women, I too experienced being excluded, and realized that my journey had hurdles, which as a young ambitious girl I had never imagined. Over time I realised we needed to build the right networks and a support system to overcome these challenges, get stronger and keep on rising. And Power Women was born! There are so many powerful women are doing amazing work and their stories need to be told. We want to not only bring these women leaders into the C-Suites, Boardrooms and make them have multi-billion dollar exits but we also want to inspire the next generation of women."

Our Founder: About Us

Let's level the playing field.

Simran Kaur
Founder, Power Women

Our stellar members come from best of brands

Our network is made up of stellar women leaders from different sectors, entrepreneurs, corporate women, political leaders and all other boss ladies from all over the world. Our members are leaders who have worked across the best brands and attended top academic institutions. Some of them are listed below.

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Our Partners

We are grateful to all our partners so far, who have helped us grow and flourish.

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