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The global population today faces multiple man-made crises that threaten our very existence and the existence of our planet. Old models have failed in the face of this crisis and it's time to build something new. And we firmly believe that women should not just be only builders of this new world, but also leaders of it.

The Beyond 2020 Conclave was hosted by PWI in association with INSEAD Emerging Markets Institute. It was chaired by PWI ambassador Dr Vinika Rao who is also the Executive Director of the INSEAD Gender Initiative & Emerging Markets Institute, and Director of the Hoffman Global Institute for Business & Society, Asia.


The discussion was split into two panels. The first was on Sustainable Businesses and Business for Good. Is this the end of capitalism as more and more businesses talk about sustainable businesses and business for good. The second panel looked at Gender Equality and new Leadership Models. How does the future look for gender equality? Has the pandemic proven that it is time to transform and look at alternative leadership models? How does the future look for gender equality and what will it take to get more women (of colour) to the top? Is empathetic leadership the way forward?

We discussed how sustainability should be the “core” and not the “fringe”, how we should get children involved early on to think of “how technology can be used for the greater good”, we spoke about “purpose before profit” and ended up with an engaging discussion on how men can be “allies” and “step-up” for creating a more equal and fair world. 


We would like to conclude with what Power Women of India founder Simran Kaur said on being asked what would she like the attendees to take back, "We had a deep intellectual discussion on topics which have the power to change the world. I firmly believes all of us who joined us have the power to make a difference. Whether it is at home, at our workplace, or in the larger society, we can all play a role. As men and women, we can lead empathetically, we can influence, inspire, and fight for a more equal workplace, and a more equal, fair, and sustainable world."

To watch the recording of the Conclave click here


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