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We don't need fixing!

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We don't need fixing!

We believe, the old maxim "it's lonely at the top" is not a mere cliché.

The world needs more women to reach the top and to stay there, and we at Power Woman are aiming to impact change at the highest levels. 

We're in good company

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Power Women Personal Advisory Board


Power Women Members feel SAFE in opening

up to their boards about their work life challenges.

Real Queens Who Fix Each Others Crowns

A Kickass, unstoppable tribe of global leaders from different sectors, entrepreneurs, corporate women, political leaders...

Power Women is designed for senior women leaders to strengthen their Leadership, improve their Wellbeing, and help them move the needle by Giving Back.

Neha Kalra

Neha Kalra

Former AP McKinsey & Company, ISB MBA

Mrinalini Ramakrishnan

Mrinalini Ramakrishnan

Director, Desk Head Investment Counsellors HSBC Private Banking, UK "It is important for women to get together to share professional and personal experiences, and to motivate and guide each other. Often our strength comes from knowing that we can lean on one another and learn from others. We need to be role models and pillars of strength for each other and for the next generation of women to come."